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Our team is made of awesome individuals who believe nothing is more important than giving back to the arborist community.


Tripp Wyckoff leads both the Fallen Families Fund and Vertical Supply Group as its CEO. Tripp has always looked for ways to direct business into something that improves the world and that directly impacts the local community in a positive way. The Fallen Families Fund is a great way to support the people and the industry that have helped our business achieve success. Tripp has been thinking about ways to give back since he started at Sherrill, and he pushed hard for this to become a reality.


General Manager of, Nick began his career working at height in the tower industry and quickly moved from towers to trees as a practicing arborist. Hearing of friends and co-workers suffer from injuries on the job site, compounded by seeing reports of injuries and fatalities throughout the tree care industry, Nick believed that something could and should be done to help. Nick is credited with conceiving the Fallen Families Fund and pushing for its creation during its origin. He also chairs the Grant Approval and Review Committee.  


Tom brings strategic positioning and communication expertise to the Fallen Families Team. Well known for his patience and compassion, Tom advises on all critical elements of the Fallen Families Fund. Tom acts as Senior Director of E-Commerce at Vertical Supply Group and is responsible for all the messaging and branding surrounding the Fallen Families Fund. 

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