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Fallen Families Fund Will Support Families of At-Height Workers

GREENSBORO, NC - Sherrill, Inc. announces the formation of the Fallen Families Fund, a charity dedicated to providing direct financial assistance to families and individuals who have been impacted by death or injury associated with tree care and working at height.

There are more than 100 reported tree care and work at height related fatalities, plus many hundreds of industry related injuries annually. This makes tree care and work at height statistically two of the most dangerous industries in the United States.

The objective of the Fallen Families Fund is to help reduce the financial burden of a work-related injury or death by providing grants that will help the individual or family endure their healing or recovery immediately following an accident on the job.

The Fallen Families Fund will work to build an endowment that will serve these affected families and it will provide cash donations to offset financial hardships. Tripp Wyckoff, CEO of Sherrill, Inc., believes giving back to the community is an essential part of the company. "I've supported the idea of the Fallen Families Fund from the beginning. There is an obvious need in the industry, and it was immediately clear that this is our opportunity to help the families and individuals that our business relies on. Now that and are under one umbrella we can finally make

the Fallen Families Fund a reality.”

Sherrill Inc. will be assuming the administrative costs of the fund, meaning that 100% of all donations raised or received will directly benefit families in need. Starting this month, the company and its subsidiaries will support the fund by organizing fundraising events and promotions, it will solicit voluntary donations from customers at each of its web stores, and Sherrill Inc. will provide a substantial annual monetary donation.

Sherrill Inc. will kick off the fundraising efforts with a Fallen Families Fund t-shirt to be sold in both the and booths at the TCI Expo in Columbus, OH. 100% of the proceeds from these shirt sales will go directly to the Fallen Families Fund.


For more information, contact: or visit (currently under development)

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