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Our objective is to help reduce the financial burden of a work-related injury or death by providing grants that will help the individual or family endure their healing or recovery immediately following an accident on the job.

Our fund is only able to pay out so many grants per year. As a result, we must focus our attention by limiting applicants based on several factors.

At this time, we are focused on applicants who are or were (or related to someone) working full time in the arborist industry.

All Applicants will be required to show that they (or the injured party) have, prior to the incident:

  • Attempted to align themselves with a credible tree-focused company committed to safety.

  • Individually pursued relevant safety-focused professional development.


A substantial part of the grant evaluation will focus on this matter. Examples of factors considered include:

  • Relevant professional certification

  • Educational certificate or degree

  • Working at a company with a documented safety program

  • Working for TCIA accredited company

  • Working for a company with a considerable percentage of Certified Arborists, CTSP, or otherwise formally credentialed arborists.

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